Important Information


The purpose of this section is to provide you with additional information concerning our time at Still Waters Family Camp. 

We are looking forward to having all of you join us for a week in July!  We trust that our time together will be for mutual encouragement and all will be done for His glory.  We are expecting a large group, so we ask for your patience and help as we move around the facility!  We’re thankful to have so many of you able to join us! 

Camp is scheduled to begin on Monday morning with breakfast at 8:00 am.  

Below we have included a list of things to bring and some rules for conduct. We feel that explaining our exercises is in keeping with the scripture, “Let all things be done decently and in order.” I Corinthians 14:40.

Please do NOT bring any fireworks or fire crackers to the camp.  Camp Elkanah Rules prohibit the possession or use of fireworks and fire crackers. 

There are also no pets allowed at Camp Elkanah without express permission.  Please do not bring your pets to camp. 

We feel that it is necessary to comment on appropriate apparel. We desire that modesty be shown at ALL times. Attire worn for the meetings should be in keeping with the reverence due to the Lord.  Pants or modest shorts are necessary for the zipline and giant swing.

Since the camp is in the mountains, we may experience significant changes in temperature, so bring clothing suitable for both hot temperatures and cool nights (a coat/jacket). If the weather continues like it has been, we could be in for some very hot days. There are heaters or wood stoves in the cabins if the temperatures turn cold at night. Air conditioning is limited...

We all enjoy good-natured competition while playing games. We request that the emphasis be on the ENJOYMENT, instead of the competition. Please remember that there will be those (camp staff) who will be observing our conduct – may we be mindful of the testimony that our lives and actions have for our Lord. 

This function is our individual exercise, and we are responsible for the entire camp, so we request that all in attendance respect our exercises as listed above.

Items to bring:

Bibles & Hymnbooks


Sleeping Bags & Pillows

Towels & washcloths

Warm Jackets  


Sports equipment  

Baseball gloves and bats  




Sand-box toys

Water toys 

Life jackets (for small kids that want to play in the creek)    

Bug spray

Musical Instruments 

Fans for cabins

Twin fitted sheets for mattresses

Please label all sports equipment with your name. We end up with lots of nice items in the lost and found each year and would love to be able to get your belongings back to you!

For those with younger children, there will be crafts, games and fun things to do as well as the sports.  BIKES WILL NOT BE PERMITTED IN CAMP!  This is a change from previous years.

There is a little stream along the edge of the camp that will be a draw for the kids.  PARENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE TO MONITOR THEIR CHILDREN AND MAKE SURE SMALL KIDS ARE NOT AT THE CREEK ALONE!  

Any who desire to bring guitars, etc. for the sings are more than welcome to do so.

We are planning the meals and buying the food and ask for volunteers to help with the meal preparation during camp. Please let us know if you have any special dietary needs so we can plan accordingly.  We’re happy to do anything we can to help!

Please bring snacks (salty/sweet/whatever you like to snack on) for the refreshments after the sings in the evenings.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions/concerns you may have.